The Other Side of Komodo Island Voting

Whoa! Howdy guys! Finally we meet again with our lovely monday. In this monday, i wanna try to practice my english writing skill. I can’t write well since i postponed from my english course. That’s right when someone said, “Practices make perfect.”

Today, there is a big issue that could make Indonesian surprised. A controvercy of Komodo Island.

One of kaskuser said that the new7wonders foundation doesnt supported by UNESCO. What’s wrong with this situation? One side, citizens want to vote as much as they could, and in the other side, their votes are useless.

In my opinion, I don’t agree if Komodo Island become the new seven wonders in the world. They are still alive in Indonesia is the wonder. They are alive not because of seven wonders. Seven wonders itself could cause disharmony between Komodos and their new crowd environment.

Let them life as usual. Keep their life on their track. Dont disturb them.

Viva Komodo!

The Other Side of Komodo Island Voting

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